Denix M1859 Sharps Carbine

The iconic Sharps was the was the invention of Christian Sharps and in 1848 his first large bore single shot rifle was patented, by 1850 the first of his falling block sporting rifles were being rolled out as a .52 cal percussion with an effective killing range of 500 yds by 1861 the cost of a carbine would have cost around $30.

These were to be purchased by the U.S Government for the Civil War in rifle and carbine, by 1863 the Richmond Armory started turning out a copy of the carbine with very few changes.

The Sharps Carbine and Rifles were renowned for their long rang accuracy and used by Sharpshooters and with the carbine easy to load on horseback.

After the war the civilian sharps were produced in some 15 calibres for hunting though the government was to continue with the Sharps after the civil war and used though the Indian war campaigns, by 1874 it was converted to the new government calibre metallic cartridge of 45-70, and was one of the few guns to successfully take the metallic cartridge conversion standardising the ammunition alongside the new 1873 Trapdoor Springfield.

Maj General George Custer owned two 45-70 Sharps carbines now in the Code museum in WY U.S.A, one was given to him by his wife though both of these guns were only used for game hunting.

In 1881 the sharps ceased production of this American icon.

The Denix Sharps Carbine is a good reproduction alongside its firearm counterpart just being a little lighter it has a good working leaver action and trigger release, Sharps M1864 cartridge box and ammo boxes sold separately.


These are collect at events only, due to ParcelForce inability to handle these in an appropriate way.

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