Licensed Firearms and Shotguns

Licensed Firearms and Shotguns

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  • Enfield 3 Band

    Made by Euroarms of America .577 Cal Black Powder Smoothbore Shotgun Over this is a nice well kept musket with a nice lacquering to the stock, with slight bruising.  The Barrel is nice and clean with a nice positive locking mechanism. These makes are becoming very hard to find in smoothbore. SOLD PENDING PAPERWORK  

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  • Kentucky Musket

    Would make a nice confederate or mountain main impression Make: Armi Sport Cal: .45 BP License: Shotgun This is a nice clean musket and a nice bore and a well looked after stock, good mechanical lock. All round nice clean musket. This is a collect only item we are unable to ship.

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  • Kentucky Musket FAC

    Would make a nice confederate or mountain man impression Make: Adesa Cal: .45 BP License: Firearm This is a new Kentucky, extremely nice deep stock and grain pattern   This is a collect only item we are unable to ship.

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  • M1842 US Springfield Musket

    These muskets were originally .69 Cal smooth bore though between 1856 to 1860.  The federal armoires were to rifle some 10000 of these 1842 muskets and were used extensively by the US and CS during the war.   Make: Indian Pattern Cal: 12g BP License: Shotgun This musket has been overhauled and is in very

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  • M1861 Springfield Musket S/G

    Becoming a rarity these days M1861 Springfield Musket Manufactured by Armi-Sport Shotgun Muzzleload Black Powder .58 cal Little or no bruising on stock, excellent bore, Slight scolding marks on barrel.  Very good mechanical working lock. All round a very good well looked after musket. Collection only.

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  • Enfield 3 Band – Shot Gun

    The British Model 1853 Enfield, this british rifle was imported from England by the thousand for the North and South and alongside the Springfield was one of the major workhorses of the civil war, though a .577 cal, it also accepted the same federal regulation .58 cal as the Springfield.   This Enfield comes with

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  • Indian Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock

    Shot Gun Licence Required Collect at Event only Please contact us for payment options for this item POA

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