Enfield 3 Band Inert

The British Model 1853 Enfield, this british rifle was imported from England by the thousand for the North and South and alongside the Springfield was one of the major workhorses of the civil war, though a .577 cal, it also accepted the same federal regulation .58 cal as the Springfield.

These are getting so hard to come across how we have a few available for customers now.

Please note that these are not deactivated weapons, but made inert.

We now have a Firearms Account with Parcelforce, this allows us to send any Imitation Firearms, which means we are now allowed to post these within the UK to your home address.  All long arms (Denix) are sent under this service and sent under a Express AM by Noon service with them.  This is the only permitted courier in the Uk which allows these to be sent so we have no alternative but use this service.  Once we have covered off the VCR Act requirements please add £25 for shipping before making payment.

No Licence Required

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