Uberti’s 1873 Cavalry Colt

The 1873 single action army Colt became the work horse of the US Army and Cavalry through the Indian Wars and was issued between 1873 and 1891.

This was the first metallic cartridge revolver to be issued to the cavalry in large numbers

The gun was eventually replaced by the .38 calibre double-action around 1902.

Made of all steel construction with Walnut grips.  Fires 9mm blanks and has a 7 1/2 inch barrel.

Beautifully constructed.

Any model dated after 1870 is covered by the Violent Crime Act and as such the below is applicable to purchasers

  •  is a Museum or gallery
  • using it for theatrical performances
  • for a Film production
  • Television Programs
  • For Historical Reenactments
  • Over 18

Once we have the information as to the purpose of owning this item and proof of age,  please add £7 P&P before making payment.

Please Note, we cannot ship Blank Firing or Replica Firearms  outside the UK

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