Antique Arms

Antique Arms

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  • M1861 Springfield American Civil War Rifle Original

    M1861 Springfield  .58cal U.S Martial Long Arm Dated 1861 dated lock with crisp eagle and U.S Springfield under the bolster, very good iron furniture with original rear sight and tulip ram rod. Stock is in good condition with no major dings. Mechanics in good work order and barrel has a good bright condition along with

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  • Mauser K98 Stock

    WW2 98K Mauser wooden Stock, comes with Top Hand guard, Lower band with front sling attachment and spring, upper barrel band and bayonet mount. The stock has no cracks but some bruising. Nice overall oiled patina, the underside of the stock has 7.62 stamp (post war). This stock is ready to go with all parts.

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  • Model 1842 Original Harpers Ferry American Civil War Rifle Original

    Original Harpers Ferry M1842 Musket, possible CS origin .69 Caliber, smoothbore US Martial Long Arm. Good “attic” condition overall with a dark untouched patina on the metal. Smooth plum barrel with crisp proofs at the breech. Tang dated “1848”. Very fine salt and pepper pitting on the bolster area and hammer. Fine smooth lock with

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  • Model 1855 Harpers Ferry American Civil War Rifle Original

    M1855 Harpers Ferry .58 cal maynard priming system U.S marshal long arm, Lock crisp dated “1858” at the rear of the lock and U.S Harpers Ferry forward of the maynard primer door very good “eagle stamp ” on the door with some very fine pitting around the stamping. the stock is in very fine  oil

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  • Original M1840 NCO Sword by Ames Mfg Co Dated 1863

    Original M1840 NCO Sword by Ames Mfg Co Dated 1863 PRIVATE SALE This original sword comes with the original scabbard its markings are all crisp, the blade is clear and shiny and have to wonder if it sat in an armoury and not issued. Original purchased from Horse Soldier in Gettysburg a highly reputable Civil

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  • Original Springfield .69 Bayonet

    M1842 Springfield Bayonet.  Overall good attic condition with crisp US stamp with very slight twist in the neck.

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