M1855 Springfield



An Insight History

This musket was made mainly in two arsenal`s Springfield and Harpers Ferry and was the first U.S Long arm to fire
the .59 Cal Minie Cartridge, also this musket was fitted with the Maynard priming system which was a roll of fulminated studded caps (very much like those that fitted in to toy cap guns in the 20th c  and is probably where the idea came from originally) that fitted in a door under the hammer and every time the weapon was cocked a cap was offered up to the cone thus when the hammer struck the cap it fired the gun though it was found that the caps were prone to damp and did not work so the soldier would put a percussion cap on the cone as he would soon do with the M1861 Springfield and contract muskets.

When the war broke out this musket was issued to mostly U.S volunteer companies and what makes this a good musket
of choice is that the Arsenal’s in the south had stock piled these guns on the run up to the war so it was a southern musket too and saw extensive use in the
war on both sides.

When the Confederates overrun the Arsenal at Harpers Ferry in Virginia the union set a light to the Arsenal as they fell back but the Confederates retrieved most of the dyes and machinery and took them back to Richmond where they were to produce the Richmond Rifle with its
distinctive hump where the Maynard primer door was.

The Maynard Tap Priming system on this reproduction musket is for show only and does not operate apart from the
door on the priming system that opens; also this model has a patch box mounted on the butt of the rifle.

In our opinion this was one of the most interesting muskets of the war.




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