Denix Breach Loading Double Barren Shotgun

The short 12g Breach loading side by side hammer shotguns were favoured by lawmen on the frontier, one like this was allegedly used by Wyatt Earp to dispatch Frank Stilwell, one of the killers of Morgan Earp.

Shotgun-shell belt and cartridges not included only the Denix.

Made with metal barrel and wooden stock with working hammers

Due to legislation from the home office these do not break.

The VRC Act requires you to be over 18 to purchase this item

We now have a Firearms Account with Parcelforce, this allows us to send any Imitation Firearms, which means we are now allowed to post these within the UK to your home address.  All long arms (Denix) are sent under this service and sent under a Express AM by Noon service with them.  This is the only permitted courier in the Uk which allows these to be sent so we have no alternative but use this service.  Once we have covered off the VCR Act requirements please add £25 for shipping before making payment.

Price: £120.00

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