Umarex Colt Peacemaker – Nickel

This iconic Colt has now been manufactured as a high quality Single Action CO2 powered air gun firing .177 caliber metal Pellets allowing it to operate and cock identically to the original, apart from the recoil and noise, though powered by a gas cartridge each cartridge will last approximately for 100 rounds.  Umarex has worked closely with the US Marshals Museum at Fort Smith Arkansas to produce this accurate representation of the  Colt 1873 Peacemaker.

Umarex has taken this project to a new level in production in guns allowing you to train with a Colt for the next cowboy Action Shooting match (please make sure that your shooting range is safe and remember it is an offence to fire an air weapon at another person or animal).

This model should not be confused with the lower powered Plastic BB Airsoft model.

Please Note Collect ONLY

These are only available to anybody over the age of 18, we will require proof of this.  Under the new Firearms Licencing Laws as an RFD are required to sell Air Weapons face to face to customers.  However you can still purchase and collect it at an event or have a nominated person over the age of 18 to collect on your behalf.

Price: £230.00

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